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A project's successful journey

Or what can be expected when submitting an application within the ROP SE

  1. Project design formulation. The project design contains answers to basic questions related to the project - what, how, when, where, for how much and by whom is going to be implemented.
  2. Consultation at the Office of the Regional Council - Project Assessment Section in Brno or Jihlava. When consulting a project design, the employees of the Office shall provide all information related to the project cycle.
  3. The drafting of a project application and submission of required attachments.
  4. The submission of documents to the Office of the Regional Council within the deadline specified in the text of the call for applications.
  5. The beginning of project implementation. Project implementation can start before the project assessment results are communicated. If a project is not approved, the applicants shall bear the investment costs themselves.
  6. Project assessment notice by an official deadline for the application assessment.
  7. Celebration after a project has been approved.
  8. The employees of the Project Implementation Section of the Office of the Regional Council will provide information about the implementation phase of a project.
  9. Submission of a project's progress reports and accounting documents for cost reimbursement. The costs shall be reimbursed continuously in three month intervals.
  10. It is important to ensure due project publicity. It should be clear that a given project is financed form EU funds. Any information related to this issue shall be provided by the employees of the Publicity and Technical Assistance Section of the Office of the Regional Council.
  11. The submission of a final report on project implementation.
  12. Project finalisation, both actually and financially, and new project design ideas.

Project preparation can be a marathon. If a zoning and planning decision is required, it shall be legally effective as of the submission of the project. Before submitting an application for subsidies from the Regional Operational Programme, the applicant has to apply for a building permit. The application shall include project documentation to the extent required by a building permit application, area statement and itemised budget.

Detailed attachments are required so projects prepared in the same way can be compared when evaluating the applications and assessing project's eligible costs. The Regional Operational Programme is planned for a seven-year period. Therefore those who are less prepared need not worry; they will get a chance to submit their applications. Calls for applications are expected to be announced three times a year until the financial allocation for a given period has been used.


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