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Regional Operational Programme NUTS 2 South-East

Regional Operational Programme NUTS 2 South-East - European chance for the region
The new 2007-2013 programming period brings changes in the regional operational programmes in the Czech Republic. One Joint Regional Operational Programme (JROP) was replaced by seven regional operational programmes within the NUTS 2 cohesion regions. All work related to programme management, project consultation and the collection, assessment, implementation and control are performed by the Regional Council of the Southeast Cohesion Region acting as the ROP SE's Managing Authority.
The objective of the Regional Operational Programme NUTS 2 Southeast is to create conditions for the efficient use of the Southeast Cohesion Region's development potential through comprehensive improvement of transport accessibility, tourism development and improving the living conditions for people in towns and rural areas.

Specific ROP SE's objectives:
• Improve the transport accessibility and transport services of the region while respecting environmental protection;
• Increase the proportion of sustainable tourism in the economic prosperity of the region;
• Improve the living conditions of people in towns and rural areas.

Priority Axes and Areas of Support of the Regional Operational Programme NUTS 2 South-East

Based on an economic and social analysis, after the evaluation of existing experience with programmes' implementation in the previous programming periods and in compliance with key strategic programming documents of economic and social cohesion policy, three priority axes were determined: transport, tourism and development of urban and rural areas (for more details see the annexes).

The fourth priority axis, Technical Assistance, is designated to ensure activities related to programme management, project and programme monitoring, the elaboration of studies and analyses, programme publicity, the provision of assistance and methodical guidance to potential project proposers, the preparation and implementation of projects within education programmes, etc.

The priority axes divide the Operational Programme into logical units that are further concretised by the so-called areas of support delimitating which projects can be supported within a given priority axis.