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Area of Support 3.2


What kinds of projects are eligible for support?

  • The complex rearrangement of public spaces (e.g. squares, streets, parks, children's playgrounds) and adjacent areas, the construction and improvement of related transport and technical infrastructure for static transport;
  • The construction and improvement of schools, educational institutions and infrastructure for further education focused on enhancing relevance in labour markets along with the acquisition and modernisation of teaching aids and equipment used directly in teaching; the improvement must lead to an enhancement of the quality and innovativeness of the education process;
  • The improvement of health care facilities providing ward and outpatient care pursuant to Act No. 20/1966, as amended, and their equipment with information technologies, technical equipment including associated modernisation (e.g. equipment for radiology departments, rehabilitation centres and facilities offering follow-up care, information systems);
  • The construction and improvement of the infrastructure of non-profit social welfare establishments registered according to Act No 108/2006 Sb., on social services, namely enhancement of the quality and comfort of facilities providing social services in line with the community plan of municipalities;
  • The construction and improvement of facilities for culture, sports and work with children and youth, with ethnic minorities and groups endangered by social marginalisation;
  • The regeneration, revitalisation and conversion of brownfields and related neglected sites, including the conversion and completion of the supporting infrastructure (car parks, local paths, streetlights) and technical infrastructure (sewage systems, gas and water distributing pipes, telecommunication systems, energy distribution systems, etc.);
  • The construction of local data transmission networks (non-discriminatory open networks) that will make broadband services more accessible to the public (excluding internal service of the public administration), the development of an environment conducive to local services offered by private providers in the ICT area using broadband access, activities conducive to the entry of commercial providers into the local telecommunications market (support of supply).

Which subjects can be funded?
Municipalities with 5 000-49 999 inhabitants and the towns of Pohořelice and Židlochovice. For projects implemented in the administrative area of the aforementioned municipalities, funds can be also awarded to organisations established by the municipalities, to non-governmental non-profit organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises (pending approval by the respective municipality).


Amount of available funds
EUR 50 million, which amounts to roughly CZK 1 412 million


Sample case
In its development plan, the town envisions renovating its square. The project includes the complex reconstruction of the square including adjacent streets. During the renovation, the local park will be revitalised and a children's playground built. A car park is planned for the area in front of the town hall.


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