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The South-East Cohesion Region

The NUTS 2 Southeast Cohesion Region consists of two territorial units - the Jihomoravský Region and the Vysočina Region, with the regional cities Brno and Jihlava. Its area of 13 991 km2 makes it the second largest cohesion region in the Czech Republic after the Southwest Cohesion Region. Measured by population, its 1 641 125 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2006) make it the largest region, accounting for 16% of the population of the Czech Republic. With respect to national GDP, the Southeast region is second with approximately 15%. GDP per capita is at 91.6% of the Czech Republic\'s average, placing it third after Prague and the Central Bohemia Cohesion Region.

Cohesion regions established by Act No 248/2000 Sb., on regional development support are identical with the NUTS 2 statistical units (Measure No OP13/99 on the introduction of territorial statistical units classification, declared in Chapter 33/1999 Sb.)

Cohesion Regions in the Czech Republic



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